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Guylian Belgian Chocolate

We are the official and exclusive distributor for the specialist sector of the UK market place, this includes everything except supermarket, cash & carry and buying groups.


Based in Sint-Niklaas in Belgium, Guylian was founded over 30 years ago by Guy and Lilianne Foubert.

It was Guy Foubert's fascination with seashells as a boy that led him to develop his Belgian chocolate seashells when he became a chocolatier. All Belgians seem captivated by the sea, they only have 60km of coast so it is understandable! Today the company pay homage to their roots by being major sponsors of Project Seahorse, a charity that campaign for the preservation of the marine environment. The Guylian symbol of the seahorse that they utilise throughout the range raises awareness at all possible times. The logo of the Project Seahorse is visible on many of the Guylian products. A good selling point around the coast!

Guylian are one of the few company's that still make their own praline. There is a room containing eight enormous copper pans, heated by gas, that contain many kilos of best Turkish hazelnuts and sugar. The mixture is careful watched and stirred by a couple of very experienced workers! The resulting praline is wonderfully caramelised and delicious.  

There are eleven different seashell moulds in the range and only the Guylian range have a little 'G' stamped on each one. Nobody else quite matches up to these 'fruit de mer'.

Also available are La Trufflina truffles and a range of pralines known as Opus, based on opera titles and all having a link to the opera that they are named after. Clever. All the chocolates are in boxes sealed against the air in order to keep the chocolate ultra fresh.

Guylian have their own cafe in Antwerp, well worth a visit for lunch if you happen to be there.

The price of the Guylian range makes it a good first step up to Belgian chocolate from the level of chocolate found on the British high street and supermarket shelves.