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Lubeck is an island close to the Baltic Sea and for hundreds of years was one of the world’s main trading ports for merchants from around the globe. The trade in almonds kick-started the marzipan trade in Lubeck and at one time, at the turn of the twentieth century there were over one hundred marzipan makers in Lubeck. Now there are two and Niederegger is by far the best.

Founded by Johann Georg Niederegger in 1806 the company has produced marzipan in Lubeck ever since. The Niederegger company has never been out of the possession of the descendants of Johann Niederegger. There are two sisters in their thirties just coming in to the running of the business. They have worked in other companies, raised their families and are now taking their place in the family history of confectionery making.

Niederegger are justly proud of their reputation, they use only the finest raw ingredients available and never add any extra nasty additives. The Niederegger marzipan recipe has, and always will be just Almonds, sugar and rosewater. All of their Almonds are sourced from the mediterrenean, mainly Mallorca, as these give a superior taste in comparison to their Californian equivalent. The almonds are first crushed through giant granite presses which are then roasted in copper kettles, it is here that the Niederegger ‘secret’ rosewater is added. After a long process of crushing and mixing the paste is ready to be shaped and covered in delicious bittersweet chocolate.