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Sebahat Turkish Delight

The Sebahat family make the best Turkish Delight around.

Sebahat Turkish Delight

This is a truly traditional ‘Lokoum’, the dessert of the 14th century Sultans. Originally made from honey, syrup, water and flour and boiled in vats that held twenty-five kilos. Lokoum became the delicacy of the Ottoman Empire. When sugar became available it replaced the syrup, cornflour replaced the flour and now Sebahat add citric acid, honey, nuts, fruit and natural flavourings to produce their wonderful selection of Lokoum, a far more interesting product than some of the stuff we are given called Turkish delight.

There is no gelatine in Sebahat lokoum, which is only found in cheap, non-Turkish product. If you ask Feyas Sebahat about gelatine he will tell you that if it contains gelatine it is not Turkish delight. He should know, his family have been making lokoum for generations. Some of the family recipes are kept secret so it really is full of eastern promise. (joke for the older reader!)

Since 1989 the Sebahat family has been making lokoum in Brussels and now have a state of the art factory producing in five hundred kilo batches.

Sebahat is the lokoum of choice of the Turkish communities across the world because it is the real deal.