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Van Coillie

Quite simply, Van Coillie is the best of the best.

After training at the world famous Belgian Institute 'COOVI' in Anderlecht Mr Van Coillie obtained his diploma with honours as a confectioner, specialising in chocolate. He perfected his skills in Switzerland and France learning from some of the best confectioners the world has to offer, experiencing many different techniques and ideas along the way.

Van Coillie

It was in 1976, when he was 40 years old, that he decided that he was ready to start up his own business. He sold all his worldly possessions and dedicated his life to chocolate. Right from the start, his drive was to become the best in this business, using only the finest quality ingredients and all of his vast experience to create taste sensations that would be admired by all. He decided that only the finest cocoa butter, freshest fruit and real cream should be used and set about creating flavours and combinations that would delight the pallet.

Today, Van Coillie is thriving, with over twenty highly skilled employees and a reputation second to none. His dedication and passion has taken him to the top; indeed the factory still produces chocolates, by hand, under Mr Van Coillie's watchful eye.

Ask any of the finest Belgian confectioners, Mr Van Coillie's skills are legendary. Van Coillie's reputation is also growing in the UK. He has already won the Tasting Club of Great Britain 3 times. Why not try for yourself? We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Van Coillie is exclusive to the House of Sarunds in the UK.