Loose Chocolates


Why Buy Loose Chocolates from Sarunds?

We get very excited helping our customers with loose chocolates. With Sarunds you get so much more than a catalogue, a delivery and an invoice. Browse our current General Catalogue to see why. Here are some of the reasons why our customers choose us as their supplier for loose chocolates:


  • Learn more about our loose chocolate suppliers and why we have chosen them.
  • More than 400 high quality loose chocolate products to choose from, all personally tasted by our owners (it’s a tough job!) – the largest loose chocolate range from any UK supplier.
  • Our personal relationships with our manufacturers and our buying power mean you get the best chocolates at the best prices.
  • We offer classic and contemporary chocolates, using quality ingredients, from both British and mainland European producers. These range from family companies producing by hand to large manufacturers with British Retail Consortium (BRC) certificates.
  • All our loose chocolates are produced by expert Belgian, Dutch, French and British manufacturers with many years’ training and experience. The owners of some of the larger manufacturers have PhDs in Chemistry), or have been trained in Belgium. This ensures consistency of quality and safety, which can sometimes be a problem with small, local manufacturers.


  • For 20+ years we have helped to nurture new loose chocolate shops into thriving, exciting, confident businesses that have lasted through economic turmoil, pandemics and the vagaries of British public spending habits. We have also helped take established loose chocolate businesses to the next level.
  • For new customers who buy all their loose chocolates from us we offer free, high-value training and on-going support. We’ll show you how to achieve that audible ‘wow’ when customers see your loose chocolate display, but the goal is always to help you maximise your sales. Only Sarunds offers this free, on-going support.

Packaging & Personalisation

  • Our packaging range grows and changes every year, adding new ribbons, boxes, bags and ballotins your favourites.
  • We can create and pack personalised ranges for you, with small minimum orders and no set-up costs. In this service we take care of the ingredients, allergens and nutritional labelling, so you don’t have to.
  • We can show you how to create your own ranges to achieve higher margins. We pack more than 500,000 articles a year ourselves, so we can advise you on which chocolates fit into which packaging. We can also help you find packaging that we don't stock.
  • As a Sarunds customer you have access to images for every loose chocolate in our range, for your own packing or website.
  • You’ll also have access to full ingredients, allergens and nutritional information for every loose product, which you may need if you’re boxing loose chocolates to sell online or prepacking loose chocolates for direct sale in your shop. We can even supply you with templates to get you started creating your own fully compliant food labelling.

Stock & Delivery

  • Our stock is kept in ideal conditions at our warehouses: fully air-conditioned, a constant 16ºC with a dry atmosphere. We use temperature-controlled trucks to bring our stock back from the continent. During warm summer days we pay extra for morning deliveries to get your orders to you in the best condition possible.
  • We have a fast turnover of stock, keeping everything as fresh as possible.
  • In normal times we offer a next-day service for most items in stock. Even during lockdown the turnaround has usually been within a few days. This means you don't need to buy and hold lots of stock but can use us as your main warehouse and just order as and when you need stock.
  • You can order as little or as much as you want. But we’ll pay the delivery if your order comes to more than £175 (exc VAT).

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Loose Chocolates


All our loose chocolates are produced by expert English and Belgian manufacturers with many years training Producing fine quality filled chocolates is not for the 'hobby' chocolatier.