Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ section, we hope you will find the answer to your questions here. If you don't, please contact the office on (01258) 450200 and they will be happy to help!

We have a General brochure which contains products that we aim to be ‘In Stock’ of all year round. In the main, these products are always in stock and are available for delivery next day.

If we are out of stock of any of these products then it won’t be long before we are restocked so the item is marked as ‘Pre Order’. Here, you can add them to your order, (you will be notified of any pre order lines at checkout), and they will be kept on back order for you. You will be contacted for delivery when they return into stock.

Seasonal lines, (ie Christmas, Easter etc), are all ‘Pre Order’. We do not keep stock of these lines and only order it with the manufacturer when your order has been placed with us. You can add these items to an order and set a future delivery date when you would like to receive them. We will then be in touch should there be any issues ordering / receiving the stock.

All season lines have order by deadlines, which can be found in the relevant brochures. These are set in order for us to have enough time to order with the manufacturer, them to fit us into their production schedule, (which is often full the closer to the seasonal event you get), receive the goods and send out to you in time for you to sell them. Help us to help you.
Unfortunately not, you will need to contact the office to discuss what can be done. Once your order is placed it automatically goes straight into our dispatch team who allocate and process it into the warehouse to be picked. If your order is in the warehouse then it cannot be modified but please call the office and they can check for you.
Currently you need to be logged in and a Sarunds customer to view prices and place orders.

If you are an existing Sarunds customer but need an online log in you can easily create one following the steps in the next FAQ question. If you are not a Sarunds customer but want to be, please contact the office who will be happy to help you and get you set up.
If you have any products that we pack for you, please contact the office and we can get them added onto the site for you.
We accept the following cards for order payment online. Visa / Visa Debit / Visa Electron / Mastercard / Mastercard Debit.

If you wish to pay via another method, please call the office to place your order.

If you have a credit account with us already, you can of course pay on account rather than having to pay upfront for the order.
If you are an existing customer and we have your email address on our system against your account, then the set up process is easy. Simply go to our log in section, click on the pink section that says 'Click here to activate your login'.

Once you have entered your email address you will receive a verification email and a link to set up a password, and that's it. The system will then link your account to the website automatically and you can view your account information online and place orders.
If it does not recognise your email address when you are trying to set up an online account with us then please contact the office and they can check that the email address we have for you is correct.

If you already have a log in but can't remember the email address used then the office can tell you what is was, however if you need your password reset please note that we do not keep passwords on the system for security reasons. You will have to use the 'Forgot Password?' link on the log in screen.
If you find that one online account login is not enough, and that you require an extra one, (maybe for staff or accounts to use), then please contact the office who will organise this and get it set it up for you.
If there is something that doesn’t look right, work properly or is a glaring error, please either contact the office or email and we’ll investigate and put it right! Thanks…
At the moment you need to call the office as you would currently to pay any balance on your account. We will be adding this function to the website in the coming months.


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