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For almost 25 years Kimberleys have been producing the finest of English chocolates.

It all began when a father and son ate at a restaurant in Belgium that served the most amazing chocolates they had ever tasted. The taste and brilliance of these chocolates made them ask where they were made, only to be introduced to the pralineur, Mr Van Coillie no less, who was eating at the next table!

Mr Van Coillie was offering training courses and after a few months of intense tutorage, Kimberleys were soon producing chocolates. The company has grown from its humble beginnings in a spare room but one thing has remained constant, it is still family run, with as much passion, love and innovation as ever.

Kimberleys ethos, which still remains today, is that they only use the highest quality, freshest ingredients, sourced in England, to create exquisite chocolates and truffles. They produce English classics such as Rose and Violet fondant creams, some amazing crème fraiche and mousse chocolates right through to some mouth watering, typically English, truffles with fillings such as gin and damson, peaches & cream, and even champagne & strawberry, to name but a few!

Kimberleys produce a range of 66 chocolates and truffles exclusively for the House of Sarunds and these chocolates can be also found in some beautiful Kimberleys branded pre-packed products so everyone can take advantage of an English range in their shops.