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The origins of these master chocolatiers date back over 70 years when 3 chemists founded  Natra, a pharmaceutical company outside Valencia that were looking to try and harness the additional health benefits of the cocoa bean. As their Cocoa Beans were initially sourced from New Guinea they relocated to these Cocoa Groves. It was this first contact with these groves which inspired the founders of Natra to begin moving into the chocolate industry and harness the whole of the cocoa bean.

As the company expanded they looked to Belgium to increase their expertise in the Chocolate world and it was here that they encountered the artisan chocolatiers at Jacali.

Jacali is a family company that was founded in 1988, the name being coined by incorporating the names of the founders, Jaak and Carl Lingier. These artisan chocolatiers were passionate about producing extremely high quality products whilst also remaining flexible to their customers. Encouraging their customers to suggest new flavours and packaging to keep their range fresh and exciting.

This passion for quality and customer feedback saw the business quickly grow and relocate to a larger factory outside Bredene, it was here at the turn of the century that Natra and Jacali met and merged allowing the business to expand its range of delicious chocolates even further and access over 60 countries to export them too.

Despite growing to a multinational status, Natra Jacali still hold their artisanal passion for quality and flavour at heart and this is reflected in their massive chocolate library. Some of our favourites include their fabulous range of truffles which are very hard to beat on taste and texture.


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