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Pralibel Belgian Chocolate 

Pralibel was founded in 1965 in Vichte, Belgium. They have since become one of the most successful producers of quality Belgian chocolates. The current owners Paul and Lieve Sulmon are passionate about using only the finest ingredients available. They only use pure Cocoa Butter in their chocolates and no vegetable fats that you find in other mass produced chocolates are tolerated.

Pralibel mixes a blend of technology, science and artisanal skills to create extremely exotic chocolates at their high tech factory in Vichte. A number of their signature chocolates are hand finished while some are created in ‘one shots’, where the chocolate case and filling are pumped directly to the mould in a split second, quite fascinating to watch.

The company has a strong ethical approach to their chocolate production, they have recently completed the installation of 1,000’s of square metres of solar panels in order to make their factory ecologically sustainable and are also beginning to branch into sourcing fair trade cocoa for their chocolates.

They have consistently won awards for quality and taste including the superior taste awards and numerous prizes from the ISM chocolate show in Cologne.


Pralibel Chocolate