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Facts and Figures

-          30% of all food sales are now done online

-          This is expected to grow to 35% in 2105 – To put it another way 1 in 4 products are bought online!

-          We send out over 100,000 parcels a year from online orders

-          Most people want to take advantage of this rapidly growing trend but often don’t have the ability, facility or capability to do so – we can help.

What We Offer

-          We offer a unique service where we will fulfil any online orders for you.

-          You have full control over your website, what you sell and price you sell it at. Your responsibility is to get the customers to place an order, we then do the rest.

-          We receive your customers order, pick the item from our temperature controlled warehouse, pack it securely in bubble bags and purpose designed, double walled, cardboard postal outers.

-          We include a delivery note with your details, logo, branding on – no mention of HOS anywhere

-          Depending on your preference we can send the parcel out using our Royal Mail and / or FedEx daily collections or work with your chosen courier.

-          Your customer receives the order as if it has been sent by you.


-          You get positive cash flow – you take the money up front at the time of the order, and we invoice you on account. You only pay for what you sell.

-          No stock holding - we have the stock in our warehouse ready to pack, you don’t have to worry about storage space, temperature, humidity, deliveries.

-          No extra staff costs – you don’t have to worry about extra staff to deal with orders, trips to the post office, monitoring stock levels.

-          Award winning despatch – We have won awards for our dispatch. Our customer feedback, delivery time, stock levels and second to none.

-          Reduced costs – we already have packaging to fit every product so buy in bulk to keep costs low. Our postage volume means you can take advantage of very competitive postage costs.

-          Takes away barriers to selling on the web, we can fulfil for you.

What Now

-          Contact your sales representative to find out more about the opportunity

Got your own website? Don't want the stress and strain of having to pack orders and run your shop at the same time? Worried about stock holding and control? The interwhat?

Let us help...