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Our Story

The owner, Robert Verdonk, recognised a need to provide the public with fresh, high quality Belgian chocolates. Once a week, he set off to Belgium in his van to collect the goods personally.

He soon realised how valuable the ability to offer fresh continental chocolates was to retailers, and before long, he was taking orders for a host of UK chocolate shops on his weekly trips.

The business continued to expand and, outgrowing the shop, Robert focused on meeting the demand for fresh Belgian chocolate in Britain.

House of Sarunds was created with the mission of offering retailers a wider range of continental confectionery at lower prices than had ever been available before.

Maintaining its rapid growth and developing its links within Belgium, House of Sarunds constantly sought to develop its range and garner better prices for its customers. Following Robert’s retirement in 1999, the reins were handed to Peter Martin, then Managing Director at HOS, and his wife, Jackie.

Having already run a successful chocolate shop themselves, the husband and wife team set about developing the company further. With Peter’s business and financial acumen paired with Jackie’s artistic flair and retail knowledge, House of Sarunds continued to flourish.

When a new premises was secured in 2001, the company was provided with the facility to expand its services beyond any of its competitors.

House of Sarunds expanded to offer in house packing and custom labelling to complement its distribution business. Through its dedication to helping new and experienced sellers in the art of confectionery retail, the company began to act as a great source of support for businesses across the UK.

Today, the House of Sarunds team continues to work tirelessly to provide the impeccable service and high quality confectionery our customers deserve.