About Us

Our Story

The original owner, Robert Verdonk, recognised a void for high-quality confectionery goods within the UK market, thus sparking his weekly journeys to Belgium to personally trial, test and collect only the finest chocolate.

It soon became apparent just how valuable the ability to offer fresh continental chocolates to UK retailers was, as orders were rapidly filing in from a host of businesses across the country.

Maintaining growth and developing strong relationships with Belgian suppliers, House of Sarunds constantly sought to develop its range and garner better prices for customers. Following Robert’s retirement in 1999, the reins were handed to the Managing Director, Peter Martin, and his wife, Jackie.

Experienced in running a successful chocolate shop, the husband and wife team set about developing the company further. With Peter’s business and financial acumen coupled with Jackie’s artistic flair and retail knowledge, the business continued to flourish, securing a new premises in 2001 which provided the facility to expand services beyond the capability of competitors.

House of Sarunds’ expanding services include in house packing and custom labelling to complement its distribution business. Through its dedication to aid both new and experienced sellers in the art of confectionery retail, the company has become well established as a great source of support for businesses across the UK.

Today, our team consists of only the most dedicated and experienced individuals, who work tirelessly to provide customers with impeccable service and high-quality goods.