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Cocoa for Schools

on Monday, 11 July 2016.

Having spent half his lifetime in the chocolate industry Fons Maex, the CEO of Kim's Chocolates, has become aware of the situation concerning child labour in some countries that produce cocoa beans.

Children should go to school to get a much better education, which is a first and essential step out of poverty, but what if there are no schools?
Fons decided to give his full backing and personal (on-site) help by founding the project “Cocoa for Schools”. Together with their local partner Biolands Tanzania, they want to provide the tools for a better education for some 50,000 children in the primary schools of the Kyela district. The plan is to build some 800 classrooms over the next 10-12 years and distribute some 430,000 schoolbooks.

For 2016, we have new 130 classrooms in our planning and the restoration of another 50.

Money does not only come from a “sustainability premium” on every kg of cocoa beans Kim’s Chocolates buys, but comes also from special projects with their customers. Four classrooms were in the planning for renovation in the Kabanga village when at the end of February 2016 a mighty hurricane destroyed that building completely, leaving the school with some 330 pupils with only 2 classrooms intact.

During the last year Fons had spent many an hour telling me of the plight of the villages, after which I had already promised to help. Immediately after the hurricane Fons called in my promise and we formed a plan to raise some much needed aid.

We made a payment the next day of €10,000, enough to rebuild the four rooms, and in order to continue fundraising for this project we have created a beautiful 600g Tanzania project box. We will donate €4 for each box purchased. By stocking this box we guarantee that you'll be giving help to those who grow the cocoa beans from which we all make our living.

Please follow this weblink Cocoa For Schools to see the ongoing work.